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Reinventing Bach

Reinventing Bach
Regalstandort Literaturabteilung Bandzählg. Zweigstelle Status
HD 7 E42 R3
Wissenschaftliche Literatur   Lesesaal . Verfügbar .
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Feldname Details
Verfasser Elie, Paul
T I T E L Reinventing Bach
Verfasserangabe Paul Elie
Ausgabe 1. ed.
Verlagsort New York, NY
Verlag Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Umfang 498 S. : Ill.
Format 23 cm
Anmerkung Includes bibliographical references and index
Rezensionen 403049431 Rezension: Tommasini, Anthony: Paul Elie, Reinventing Bach
ISBN ISBN 978-0-374-28107-6 (hbk.) £19.99
ISBN 0-374-28107-6 (hbk.) £19.99
ISBN 978-0-374-53404-2 pbk
Notation 780.92
Kurzbeschreibung Describes how musicians of genius have made Bachs music new in our time, at once restoring Bach as a universally revered composer and revolutionizing the ways that music figures into our lives. As a musician in 18th-century Germany, Bach was on the technological frontierrestoring organs, inventing instruments, and perfecting the tuning system still in use today. Two centuries later, pioneering musicians began to take advantage of breakthroughs in audio recording to make Bachs music the sound of modern transcendence. The sainted organist Albert Schweitzer played to a mobile recording unit set up at Londons Church of All Hallows in order to spread Bachs organ works to the world beyond the churches. Pablo Casals, recording at Abbey Road Studios, made Bachs violoncello suites existentialism for the living room; Leopold Stokowski and Walt Disney, with Fantasia, made Bach the sound of childrens playtime and Hollywood grandeur alike. Glenn Goulds keyboard variations, BWV 988 ('Goldberg variations') opened and closed the LP era and made Bach the byword for postwar cool; and Yo-Yo Ma has brought Bach into the digital present, where computers and smartphones put the sound of Bach all around us. In this book we see these musicians and dozens of others searching, experimenting, and collaborating with one another in the service of Bach, who emerges as the very image of the spiritualized, technically savvy artist.
1. Schlagwortkette Bach, Johann Sebastian
SWB-Titel-Idn 37894522X
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